Dear Mom,

Thank you for all the times you have been a mother to me… even when you didnt feel like being one.  You just set an example that will forever live in the heart of your child that will one day grow up, have children of her own, enjoy the wonderful sunshine days, and not feel like being a mom when the thunderclouds roll in.  But I will remember you, how you were there for us, how you didnt go for a “better” life when some days are just rough… no matter whether or not you have children.  You remind me that we all can just have bad days but to make the best of it.  You reminded me of this just by being you.

Thank you for teaching me to change my attitude when it stinks.  It may not have seemed to be the popular thing to teach a child not to “express their feelings”  but it has taught me self-control and to put a better perspective on life.

Thank you for teaching me perseverance.  When its hard, keep a going.  I’m realizing how rare a commodity this is.   Thank you for pushing me to finish things I didnt want too. To get the job done and do it well.

Thank you for teaching me laughter.  To know thats it ok to be wrong, that the world is centered around us,  thank you for teaching us to share with the world.

Thank you for teaching us to do the right thing, no matter what.

Thank you for teaching us to always look to God’s Word in all times.

Thank you for having the unchosen job of being my mom and doing it well.