I have $0 UP+ rewards so-

Transaction 1-
1 Arm and Hammer $3.99
used $1 printable and $1 RA VV (adperk coupon)
paid $1.99
get $3 UP

Transaction 2:
2 Summer’s Eve products ( I did the deodorant) 2/$5
used $2/2 printable
use $3 UP
$0 get $1 UP

Transaction 3:
1 Arm and hammer toothpaste $3.99
used $1 printable and $1 up reward
get $3 UP

Transaction 4:
1 Tagaboo Baby Wipes 360 ct $7.99 w/ 20% wellness
used $3 UP
$4.99 get back $3 UP and $2 SCR

Total OOP (not including tax)= $8.97 with $3 Up for next week and $2SCR Ouch.  Not a good week for me on this one. 😛

This picture should actually have 4 BAN deodorant in it but my mom’s house in on the way home from all the stores so I usually make a stop there on my way home.   Therefore the Ban deodorant are safely in my sisters hands and not in this picture.

Walgreens spent .31 (excluding tax) have $15RR for next week- saved $47.64 WOOHOO
How I did it-

Transaction 1:
1 Keri Lotion $5.99
used $2/1 printable
1 Crayola $1
1 pencil .09
paid with $5RR from last week’s Kelloggs deal
paid .08 OOP
got back $5RR for Keri and $1 RR for crayola

Transaction 2:
2 Colgate Total 2/$6
used $1/1 from 7/24SS
1 pencil .09c
used $4RR from Pro-glide razor last week
.09c OOP  got back $4RR

Transaction 3:
2 Colgate Total 2/$6
used $1/1
1 crayola $1
1 pencil .09
used $5RR from Keri lotion last week- Paid .08 OOP
Got back $4 RR and $1RR

Transaction 4:
4 Ban deodorant $1.49 w/ in ad coupon
1 pencil .09c
used $1/1 from 8/7
used $2RR from Markers last week
paid .05!!!!

And because I think that is just so cool-

And in other news.  It starts a new month for me with $25 budget.  I am so thankful that God blesses us daily and I thank Him for the countless blessing that I dont even realize He has done.   I am glad I challenged myself this $25 goal…. because this month its an actual reality… in order to meet our bills this month we had to cut our groceries down to $100 this month- or $25 week for 4 weeks (and there is 5 weeks until the next budget time comes around) so I can actually say that I am looking forward to being creative and making sure we can do amazing things with all God has given us.  Using our talents (or food stockpile) wisely, I hope to create a wonderful menu and use up what we have in the garden and around our home and save the money for produce and eggs.  I am so blessed to get free milk from our in-laws goats and I have a full stockpile of cereal so I guess we’ll go the unhealthy route this month (snort) and be eating a lot of cold cereal.  Hey, lets do it in the summer months rather than the cold winter months.   I made a taco casserole tonight and there was enough for both lunch and dinner for all 4 of us + 3 meals for hubby’s lunch this week.  WOO HOO!   I am on a roll already!