Since I really didnt have any money this week to buy groceries.  That is fine.  We had a full fridge and pantry shelf so God blessed us and we never went hungry.  I even did a Del Taco dinner in there.  I dont conciser eating out part of the grocery budget.  If we do eat out its a treat or an emergency.  It was kind of both this week; Daddy had to work late and the kidlets really missed Daddy and I remembered it was taco night at Del Taco.  Taco’s .49c!  so 6 taco’s and 1 burrito (for me that gags on tacos still) total dinner $6.14 w/ tax.   No drinks as we had water bottles.

So in all- I DID IT! WOOT!  I didnt spend $$ on groceries for us.  Mwahahaha.
What did we eat?
BLT’s on unsweetened gf pancakes (it really wasnt that bad!)
Stir fry’s
shishkabobs (Or, a poor mans kabob as we call it) which consists of Italian sausage, cheese and a olive on toothpicks
Green Salad with leftover bacon and sausage
Sunday we at potluck and church and brought home the leftovers for dinner.

In other news~~~~

Remember the green beans I mentioned that my husband planted?  (All 9 rows of them!)

Well lookit and whats coming up in the garden!
We have sprouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garden plot 2

Our volunteer peach tree!

Garden plot numero 1

Coming soon- green bean casseroles in a home near you!