(If only they would pay that much for my recycling)

Well another month.   I did the recycling today.  $22.95. WOOT!  I spent  $9.25 to buy 7lbs of peaches, 3 tomatoes and 1 crown of broccoli at Albertsons.
$12.54 at Stater Bros for some bottled water for my party tomorrow, as well as some chocolate chips to make Zucchini Cookies, a package of pullups marked down to $5 (used a $1.50 mfc) and 6 more boxes of Rice Crispies so I have a complete set to send into Kelloggs for another $10 gas card (hey, they offer 5 per household.  I had 6 which was more than halfway there so I was NOT about to let that $$ go to waste.  By spending $4.54 more, I could get my $10 visa card.  Totally worth it for me.)  So taht gives me 3 $10 gas cards. 🙂 Sweet.   I think we will forgo the ice cream and other treats for a while and stick with rice crispie treats.  Any other recipe ideas?

So total spent from today’s recycle money- $22.79.  .16 goes into the coin jar!