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Well, this week went tolerably well I guess.  LOL.  I have no $$ to grocery shop.  It’ll be a lot of bartering this week.  We’ll see what I can do.  Earlier this week I did sell $10 worth of extra product around the house so I got some chicken at the grocery store $3.71 and I did buy 6 more boxes of Rice Crispies.   There is a deal at our local Stater Bros  buy 6 of one item and it makes each Rice Crispie box $1.49 + there are peelies on the boxes wyb 2 boxes you get a free thing of marshmallows! I ended up with 12 boxes of rice crispies and 12 boxes of corn flakes for a profit! of $2.24.   I used the $2.25/3 coupon from SS insert 7/17 (some area’s got $5/5) and submitted it for the $10 gas card rebate!

Hey! This was the FIRST time I got PAID to buy cereal! And its GF! WOOT!   So I spent this week’s $$ on it.  We do have pantry items.  I would need some fresh veggies though.  So it will be interesting to see what I can come up with.   Tonight was BLT.  Yummy.
So week 4 $25 budget-  Spent $62.14.
This included;
a trip to Farmers Market where I also bought a local church couple some produce $10.25 and some for us $6.50
$17.76 for cereal
$23.92 for 8 packages of Farmer John Bacon and 8 packages of Farmer JOhn Sausage  (like paying $1.49 per package! Great price for me)
Chicken at Albertsons $3.71
Total $62.14 (I think the $2.14 came from hubby or something??? I know I raided his pocket for loose change this week)

I do have some recycling to do.  It’ll probably bring a good $10 so that’ll be my emergency fund.   I also am a hostess this week for a party so I’ll be very creative when it comes to creating some goodies.

So drugstore shopping.  This week I just took our MISC dollars from our envelope system.  I had about $20

Rite Aid 4 transactions
Transaction 1:
2 Gillette Razors $9.99/1 (LIMIT 2)
– $4mfc
$11.98  – any UPS or other coupons you may have
get back 2 $5 UPS


6 Pantene 2/$6.98
Use 3 $3/2

1 Oral B Advantage toothbrush $2.43
use $2/1 mfc

1 Gillette Body Wash and 1 Gillette Deodorant 2/$2.96
use B1deodorant get 1 body wash free coupon from ???? (its not a P&G insert coupon so you may wanna just add another Panetene deal instead of this.  I got mine from a Charmin Toilet paper Package.)
use $2/1 deodorant

Before Coupons $31.33  After coupons $14.35
use $10 UPS from Transaction 1
Receive $10 UP

Transaction 3: 
4 Crest Mouth Rinse 4/$20
use 4 $2/1 from  7/31 P&G
OralB complete power toothbrush or refill (pg 6)
Use $3MFC
Before coupons $25.99
after coupons $14.99
use $10 UP from transaction 2
$4.99 OOP
Get back $5 UP for buying $25 in oral care and $10 SCR for crest rinse and $2.99 SCR for toothbrush.

Transaction 4:
Oramoist mouthcare $6.99
use $5 UP
Pay $1.99
Submit for $6SCR AND MIR of $1.25


Total Spent this week- $15.31 (cause on the razors I have 20% discount)
Total back in SCR- $20.99 ($10 crest  and $2.99 OralB and $6 Oralmoist)
Total back in MIR- $1.25
MAKE $6.93 – tax

I still have my $50 gift card from Mypoints that I used this week.

(after I typed all his up I remembered taht we had a “trial” transaction.  The toothbrushes 2/$5 were all cleared out but the ad listed Cross-Action toothbrushes so I asked them to price check these toothbrushes.  They rang up 2/$6 and I had the $2/1 coupon and I figured after the $2RR that it would make em free.  Well, it spit out a $3RR so in the end it was a $1MM.  I only used coupons on these so I ended up spending $2+ tax but I went back and got all my other purchases and totally forgot about this one.  $3RR added for next week bring the total up to $20.50RR :))

Crayola Markers $2
Gillette Razor $9.99
1 folder .11
used $4/1 mfc
used $2 RR from last week and $4RR from last week
Paid $2.98 w/ tax
got back $4 for Razor and $2 for markers

Transaction 2:
Kids Fish Oil $7
Crayola Markers $2
used $4RR from last week and $2RR from last week
Paid $3.65 w/ tax
Got back $7rr and $2RR

Transaction 3:
complete eye contact cleaner $8
used $1/1 7/31 SS
1 folder .11
used $7rr from previous transaction
received $8RR

Transaction 4:
2 Cottonelle TP  $5/1
used $1/1 from WAGS Monthly book
used $3RR and $3rr from last week
Paid $2.73 w/ tax
recieved $3.50RR (7/31 ONLY for deal)

Transaction 5:
4 Dawn dish soaps .99
4 dawn coupons .50/1 7/31 P&G
1 folder .11
used $2RR from crayola
paid .37c

Grand total “spent”- $10.43
Saved- $57
RR’s left for next week – $17.50