WOW! This was a good shopping week for me!    What you see above is probably my biggest stock-up haul yet!  And please please believe me when I saw I left plenty left on the shelf and always checked and made sure that I didnt do it all in one day.  🙂   I got paid $5 for buying all that toothpaste.   🙂

Walgreen’s breakdown- spent $21.82 ($4.07 tax) (used my $50 MYPOINTS gift card)
still have left $7RR and saved $101.03

9 transactions- here we go- starting with $2RR
Transaction 1:
1 Eversleek shampoo $5.99
used $2/1 from 7/24RP
2 Huggies Wipes $2.49 sale
used $1/1 WAGS July Coupon
used .50/1 mfc from 7/17SS
Two .19 notebooks (filler) w/ in ad coupon
used 2 $1RR
Paid $4.35 + tax
Got back $3RR

Transaction 2:
2 Scunci hairbands 2/$3
used $3RR from transaction 1
paid .22 tax

Transaction 3:
Loreal Shampoo $5.99
used $2MFC
1-  notebook w/ in ad coupon .19
used $3RR from Transaction 2:
Paid $1.18 + tax
Recieved $3RR

Transaction 4:
Repeat Transaction 2

Transaction 5:
repeat Transaction 3

Transaction 6:
2 Irish Spring Deodorant 2/$6
used $1/1 MFC
1 Filler item .19
used $3RR from transaction 5
paid $1.19 + tax
recieved $4RR

Transaction 7:
Loreal Shampoo $5.99
used $2MFC
1 Skinmate Shaving gel $1.99 w/ in ad coupon
used $1/1 from SS insert
.19 filler item
used $4RR
$1.17 + tax OOP
Recieve $3RR

Transaction 8:
2 Irish Spring deodorant 2/$6
used 2  $1/1 from 7/24SS
Paid with $3RR from above (you will need a filler, for some reason this went through without one, I think its because a manager was helping me and it did something that made it go through)
paid $2.00 + tax
Got back $4RR

Transaction 9:
12 Trident gums .79/1
used $2/3 Trident coupon
2 M&M’s .49/1
used .75/2 mfc (these make terrific treat bag fillers for birthday parties)
3 Skinmate Shaving Gel 1.99/1
used $1 MFC
Paid $4.68 (cause i forgot a filler to use my RR on :P)

I rarely shop at Albertson’s.  Stater Bros is so much cheaper.   But Albertsons has been doing a lot of wonderful deals lately and I’ve almost been shopping exclusively there.  Wow!

Spent $12.71 w/ tax and got back $11 in catalina’s.  😀
Catalina’s on the Palmolive ($1 catalina wyb 2) 2/$4 – .75/1 mfc
$5 catalina wyb 2 Huggies product (had 1 free coupon and 1 $2 mfc)
$4 in catalina’s from the Crest toothpaste

And this is what we are all like after a full day of couponing….