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When I say simple, I dont mean easy.  Saving money is almost never easy.  Its so much easier to not have to think about it.  But we do need too.   So these are some simple ways to cut the cost down of living.

1.  Hang dry your laundry.   It may mean you dont get all your laundry done in one day.  You dont even have to have a place outside to do it!   Ikea sells these cute drying racks that you can set up inside.  Now, I dont have an Ikea nearby.   But you can easily be creative and come up with something. 🙂

2.  Price check the shredded cheese and the bulk cheese.  Usually name brand shredded cheese is up to $3 more than buying a 1lb block of cheese and shredding it yourself.   Even getting generic brand of shredded cheese you can still end up paying more than spending 10-15minutes doing it yourself.  Price check.  This is not always the case. 🙂

3.  Use Cash.  Its hard to watch those green bucks go so quickly.

4. Reduce the coffee/eating out.   This is the area that people realize they spend a lot on, and usually one of the first things they do to cut their spending on.   If you do a lot of eating out/ gourmet coffee  I wouldnt suggest quitting cold turkey.  Its hard.  Its also very discouraging.  Make it a treat rather than a habit.  Go out once a week for a family dinner.   Treat yourself to one or two gourmet coffee’s once a week.

5.  Set yourself a goal.  It sounds ludicrous I know but having something to aim towards rather than just cutting back really encourages and pushes people forward.    Rather than saying, “I’m cutting our groceries down to $100 a week.”  Aim for “We’re going to save for a fabulous family vacation and I’m going to put aside $100 a week.”    Using creative ways like cutting your budget and whatnot helps you have a goal in mind and something to aim towards.

I hope this helped some of you. 🙂