This week was hard.  Too bad we cant live off of yogurt.  😉

I managed to sell enough of my overstock and trade a lot to keep us afloat but in the end, I had to use an extra $5 from our MISC fund from the Dave Ramsey Envelope System.  And this week, none of my drugstore shopping was included in our budget. 🙂

What is not pictured here is the deal I did yesterday,

Bought 2 Huggie Pull Ups for Emma- $9.99/1
used 2 of my FREE coupons from all the Enjoy The Ride Rewards I’ve been saving up
paid $1.45 tax.  Got back a $5 catalina.  Used it to buy some much needed ham for our leftover soup (it was very bland and needed some sort of spicing up)

So left in my wallet is $2.60 that will go into the coin bank.  Its what was leftover from the $5 MISC cash.

I am satisfied with how this week went.  I did my best and could do no more.  🙂  We are so blessed, if I have learned nothing else from this challenge, it is that, that we are so very much blessed.