Well, I did it.   I acomplished Week 1.   This really wasnt that difficult of a week.   We were abundantly blessed with lots of greens, salads, and fruits that were passed on from family and friends.  They were expiring and we did a lot of green salads and stir-fry’s.  But considering the heat, it was a refreshing treat.

Among being so fortunate and blessed, I was also able to sell about $17 in extra product I have around the house.

So with recycling the bottles and cans,  Selling some of my stockpile for $1 each,  and couponing like crazy…. I came out just right, $0 left for my jar.  I donated about $2.94 (what was left in my wallet) to my sister’s water fund for a third world country
Details here

Albertson’s – Spent total of  $31.02

Farmer’s Market-$11.50

Stater Bros $7.66 spent.
Rite Aid- $3.18
Walgreens- $1.32

I got to thinking about this on my bike as I pedaled (or peddled) about 1 mile to barter;   I cant imagine really stressing about making sure this would be on budget.  You know? It is “easy” right now (if you call a good 2 hours a day and stress “easy”) and it will financially help us,  but if we only had  this money to live on as some people do (even less)  could I still see this as a challenge? As a game? As something with which to see the hand of God?  Dont get me wrong, I’m totally not doing this only for the game aspect.  You have got to be kidding me.   There is a lot funner and easier things to do.   But my rainy day fund can be built up with stressing when that day arrives from where we are going to rob peter to pay paul.  Because Jim over there (our little savings account) has enough thunderous days to keep us on our toes.   So, I am sitting here writting this, like I would in my own personal journal, to remind me that there will still be stress on those days and the little fund may not cover everything, but its there, and it will help.   So this truly is all worth it,  if for no other reason, our children are learning something valuable about saving money.