Well, to start the month of July off, I did my once-a-month recycling.  We are very fortunate to have family and friends that give us their recycling.  It helps cover the costs of living and this month was a very good month! 🙂 (Thanks mom for all those water bottles!)

So first off, I emptied my little coin jar.

Then we did recycling.  The back of my hubby’s truck was filled!

We ended up earning $29.

We then headed over to Albertsons.   Where my first transaction was 4 Nature Valley Granola thins 2/$5
I used 3 .75/1 mfc  and 1 .50/1 mfc from   coupons.com  So we paid $7.25 but got back $5 from buying them + a $2 bonus catalina from purchasing them between 6/13 and 7/10 (see more details about this deal here.).  So then we bought the other items we needed;
2 Feta Cheese (potluck at church this weekend, with all our swiss chard, hubby requested the quiche.  He loves this stuff) $3.49/1 = $6.98/2
2 bell peppers .99/1 = $1.98/2
bunch of banana’s
Gluten free crackers $4.89 *GASP*
we got some other items but I cant remember. DER.
Ended up spending $12.32 after the $8 catalina.
So $19.57 from our $29. = $9.55  (AND we havent even started on our $25 budget yet so that = $34.55)

On the fourth I did go to Stater Bros and buy 1 Watermelon and 1 4lb package of Strawberries= $5 ($1.25lb)
so that was another $7.66

Rite Aid- Spent $.93c (blew it on this one, I was actually -$1.05 + $2.25 tax  but they do not allow -$$ and instead of going and getting a $2 item we could have used (like tissues/tp ect) I bought 2 M&M .99/1 and gave them to the checkers.)
So Rite Aid- Spent $$3.18 including tax  but I will get a $4.50SCR but that will go into next months budget

WAGS I spent .16, used $13RR but only got back $7.  Not really a great week 😛  But I got toothbrushes, tissue, peanuts, and whatnot.

Today I realized I was out of coffee creamer! Oh no! Sacrilegious!  so spent $3.89- .55 mfc = $3.34 (Gulp)

So for our first 5 days of $100 a month-
$25 week 1
recycled $29.12 worth
spent- $35.62
$18.50 left for this week.

Oy! This IS going to be a challenge.