I have a feeling I am walking into murky waters here.  But I told myself; “You read all these frugal blogs, you love what they do, you dream about accomplishing something similar, now go out and do it!”   So here is my step one.

I have always been so encouraged by reading this blog-
http://onehundreddollarsamonth.com/   and I am going for it.  I will not be so clever as she is but I have so much to learn from these women that have shared so much with us.

So,  $100 a month challenge for a family of four AND eating healthy.   I havent decided if this will include toiletries, and groceries.  We are limited by what we can eat.  If it has wheat, we cant.  A lot of the coupon deals have a lot of wheat products..  So we’ll see.  I say, “why not try?” and if you need more money, its still in my handy dandy Dave Ramsey envelope system so I can still use it.

So my challenge- $100 a month or $25 a week.  Its almost too hot for the garden but I’m still working on what can be done.

Why am I doing this?  To bless my family and to help out financially without sacrificing my principles of being a stay-at-home-mom.   And that is where I need to remember that no matter what my challenges are, my priorities need to be right.  My job as a wife and mother is to BE a wife and mother to my family.   Couponing and thriftiness is almost a business in of itself.   So I need to remember, its not blessing my family if I am not emotionally/physically there for them.  I cant always be wrapped up in my little world of deals, steals and more.  So time needs to be well managed and scheduled according to family.

So here we go…. July 1st is coming up, by July 8th I should have money deposited into its correct envelopes and here we go!

Wish me luck or even just drop a note of encouragement…. or the number of your favorite psychiatrist.