The excellent thing about running your own household is that, if you decide to break from your regular schedule/routine/whatever you wanna call it,  its OK!    So Thursday we ended up running around town all day, helping out family and friends.  Friday was cleaning day.  I ended up cleaning a couple houses so it really did work out for, “Clean on Friday”, just Emma didnt help me and I didnt feel right in taking pictures of other’s private property.   Whew, I remember that day…

Saturday ended up being a farewell party to some dear friends I grew up with.   Tis the season of life… its time for them to move away and finish up college, go places where God has called them, and so forth.   It was a wonderful get-together but I will miss them.   Time to dust off the writing table and sharpen pencils and find my note paper… and maybe buy another book of stamps.

Sunday, well, Sunday was our day of rest.   Nothing really to blog about there… except we did make a yummy casserole that I found the recipe for here

It was YUMMY! However, we did decide to make it without our (DRY) Gluten-free crust next time.  It really dampened the flavor.

ANd the best part about it was I got to use my garden fresh swiss chard!

Swiss chard did well this year.  Consider this our gardening day as well.