Rite Aid this week is very upsetting for me… again…

New rules.  Only one transaction allowed per day.  No more splitting up our transactions…

WHAT?!  They are so gonna loose a lot of business that way I think.

I got my $3 rebate check from RA this week.  Was gonna use it on my purchases like it said I could… well, here’s what happened….

Bought my items-
Scanned my coupons
Handed my RA check FIRST (before Ups it was $17.01 and I had my $10UP from P&G expiring so I was planning on using that this purchase)
well… the computer took the check for the whole $17.01 amount instead of the $3…. now, While I like the idea… thats not very honest and I pointed it out the error.

So what they did is rang up a total of $14.01 on a reciept and I couldnt use any uprewards to pay for it.

Kind of upsetting for me.

So here is my haul for $14.01
Got back $10UP for the sunglasses, $5 for the Sammy, $2 for the Zantac, $1.50×2 for the St. Joseph, and $1 for the gum.

I turned around and bought 2 swimming pools (BOGO) for $19.99 + 1 Reece’s candy bar $1 (needed a penny filler item :P)
used my $10 from the sunglasses and $10 from the P&G to pay for it.

Now, I dont need two pools, so I sold one to an aquaintence for $10.  I feel better now about that $14.01 mistake. 😛 Geesh.

My youngest sister (top left) age 6, and my two children… they really like sunglasses. 😉

WAGS was BLAH this week.  And their coupon wouldnt scan, the $2 from the infant care book.  It wouldnt scan on ANY of the diapers.  Even the box ones.

So, 2 Huggies $8.99/1
– $3/1 x 2
1 Lysol 4in1 kitchen spray $2.99/1
– $1/1 printable (no longer available)
2 filler items, 1 easter dove chocolate .27 and 1 tomato sauce .33
used 2 $4RR from last week’s Schick Razor deal
paid $6.57 + tax
got back $1RR from Lysol.

Not a great week at all.