Life always has a strange way of just happening. You know? You can plan out what you’ll do, how things are going to go and all that and then you realize, your whole day just passed and nothing you planned really happened… Well, thats kind of how my day(s) have been lately.  But I am no sorry with life right now… Its kind of interesting to see what plays out.  Or how did Dicken’ put it (from Secret Garden)? The game is not played out just yet.  See what the next play brings ya.

Ok well if that was a bunch of rambling its because its almost 11PM and I have to be up within 7 hours and I’ve been up for 16.  Nothing at all compared to some I know but for me, it means its way past my bedtime.

Onto this post- ok so, I was thinking about life and how it was is for each generation yada yada yada and I had this “brilliant” plan of kind of bringing some of it back for a summer project with my children… mainly Euphemia (because Stephen is just too squirmy right now to concentrate for more than 10second. Typical boy right?)  So I had this idea of doing a “Ma Ingalls” week but bringing into it some of the things we do today…. for example;

Wash on Monday- ok Laundry day. Simple enough. No worries.  We learn to wash it and then bring it out to the line and dry it.  She pretty much knows it but what the heck.

Iron on Tuesday- um yeah sure.  Me iron? OK…. Havent quite figured out what to do with this one yet.  Maybe I’ll make it my couponing day… we’re ironing out the budget…. 🙂

Mend on Wednesday- This is our crafting day… and didnt she do well?  She made a bead necklace for a birthday gift for an elderly lady I write too back in Scotland.  We know she is going to love it. 🙂

Churn on Thursday- Sure.  yeah right.  Nope this day gardening day.  We’ll work some and learn about what is and what isnt edible.

Clean on Friday- Ok that is pretty self explanatory dont you think?

Bake on Saturday- YEah, keeping to this schedule

Rest on Sunday- Oh yeah.  I am totally for this day.  WOOT!


I also stumbled upon this amazing blog-
I love it! Remember months ago when I challenged myself to $100 a month?  I’m back on the game! WOOT!  I’m gonna aim for that again.  I have a goal, the extra money has a purpose and I need encouragement.  So root me on cause I’m going head on into it!

So tonight, I asked if anyone was going to any of these specific stores that Albertsons was offering their promo too… I managed to get about $50 from someone elses pocket and used $50 that we have saved in the household repairs fund (funding at $10 a month) Its all used at Home Depot anyway so I just went and got 2 gift cards with money I didnt have to come up with, which is extremely nice, its not a deal if you dont use it!, and was able to get all this for $20 (I paid for the flowers out of pocket.  Not total frugality but a moment of weakness.  Ahhh but it makes me smile everytime I see them)