Walgreens- Spent $5.51  Saved more than $31.55 (missing the Tide reciept) and have 1 $10RR, 2 .99RR and 1 $3RR

Rite Aid- Spent  $5.74 and earned $10UP, 2 $1.60 up (didnt see that the toothpaste was limit 2) $4 UP AND (not pictured VEET) a $5 UP!  Also not pictured are 3 King Size Reeces (needed to be able to use my $10up from Kimberly and Clark) and 2- 100Grand that I bought for the checkers there. 😀

I want to get REACH toothbrush deal at WAGS and Blink Tears at RITE AID but we’ll see.