In the last few weeks, I’ve been teaching a couple friends how I coupon.  Its been a long and exhausting but fulfilling journey I must say.   While doing this project I’ve ran into a couple pit stops; namely, myths that are being spread about couponing.   I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these that I have found not to be true.

I run into people (checkers especially) that believe this whole new show “Extreme Couponing” is a fraud and they should make couponing harder.

Well…. I havent seen the show’s persay but I’ve heard about them.  I have to say, they are not doing anything legally wrong.  Morally, I cant understand why someone would need a 30yr supply of diapers when you dont even have a child however, thats all of the story I know.   So myth #1- it is not illegal, so in that sense it is not wrong.

Myth #2 – another thing I hear is that we should make the coupons harder to use and get and all that.  Well…. why are they ruining it for everyone?  Has anyone in my coupon group noticed that there are limits now?  So far I’m totally cool with that.  As long as the limits dont run into the deal problems.  For example, a gal put a limit on a item, limit was 2.  Well.. in order to get the extra deal, I would have to buy 4.  So it really messed it up in that sense.  So I’m busting this myth by sayin, yes you can put all the rules and whatnot on there but there is always going to be people that work around the system you just make it harder for the people that are trying to do it right.

Myth #3-  A lot of people want to jump into couponing and save $100’s of dollars all at once.  They see my scenarios, they see what I’ve paid, they see my products and think, “Wow. I need to do that.”   One way I can tell how dedicated they are is to start by saying, “Ok I buy papers on Sunday, but I need to make sure the coupon inserts are in there.  I spend about 3-4 hours a week just figuring out what I’m going to do, putting my coupons all together, and also planning PLan B if the stores are out of the items I need.”
You almost see this immediate shut down once you start talking about the hours couponing takes.  Its not some easy thing that you see a deal, grab your coupon and can be done with $100’s of savings in just a day.  Its a LOT more work than that.    A lot of times, to maximize my savings, I’ll do several trips.

Myth #4-   Not only does it take time planning coupon trips, it takes time building up your savings.    The first week I started, I maybe only saved $5.  I’ve been doing this 2-3 yrs and I’m still saving anywhere from $5-$60 per reciept.  I still have a lot to learn and I still make coupon mistakes all the time.    Dont expect to have $20in WAGS RR or $20 RA UP rewards the first week with a $2oop cost.   Rarely happens if ever.

Myth #5- Couponing is the only way we can save so much money in my family.    Nope.   Just by being more frugal you can cut so much.   Less trips out to eat.  Less gas spent going around.  Turn off lights.  Line dry your clothes.  ETC ETC.  Just like couponing takes time, so do all of these.  You are being paid for your time by the savings you are giving your family.

Ok.  Got a load off my chest there.