Pretend that is 8 packages of huggies diapers/pull-ups.   🙂  Yep that was my week this week!

At Rite Aid I spent $21, Saved $112, and had earned about $34 in UP+ (only $10 remain though ;))
I have about 7 packages of pullups and diapers in my stash, as well as 4 boxes of ziplock bags, 2 packages of ziplock containers, 4 toothbrushes, 2 toothpaste, and 2 pain patches.  Yes, I used about 3 different cards to do all this.  I used my mom’s and I used my friends.  I really needed to stockpile the diapers and since nobody minded and Rite Aid got my money, I just did it.  And no, I wont be making this a habit. 😉  Oh and for the record, I actually had to buy 3 packages of diapers in order to get my Up+ rewards because my 20%wellness through it all off… but my free package of Pullups came this week from all those “Enjoy The Ride Reward” codes I’ve been saving.  WOOT!   I had also written Kimberly and Clark telling them how much I love Huggies and they sent me a $4/1 Pullup coupon.  😀  It helped a LOT with finding great deals this week. 😀

I also bought 2 diapers at Walgreens.  I used $8 in RR that I had from previous weeks to buy 1 blood glucose moniter $9.99 (With $10RR back) and then I rolled that $10RR into 2 packages of diapers for $3.74 with tax. Basically, the total for Walgreen’s this week was-
$5.76 Spent,  $69.67 saved and RR earned- $17 ($3 of which remain)
with all this I have 6 packages of scotch tape, 2 boxes of jello, 1 pencil, 2 Colgate toothpaste, 4 reach toothbrushes (cant find reciept but I only paid tax for these so that isnt figured into the savings category.  We didn’t earn any RR because ours doesn’t start until June 1st and my coupons were expiring though),  2 packages of huggies diapers, and 1 blood glucose monitor.

So all in all. I spent much more this week but I am very happy with my purchases. 😀