This might be a regional coupon but I have the $2RR from BIC last week.

This might be a regional coupon but in THIS week’s SS insert, there was a $2/2 Reach OR $2/1 MULTIpack of toothrbushes. This made the reach toothbrush deal- FREE!

Transaction: (unless something amazing comes out, this will be my only transaction)
2 Reach toothbrushes 2/$6
-2 $2/1 mfc from 5/8 SS insert (regional?)
1 kleenx .89 (much needed right now)
-$2 BIC RR
paid .89+ tax OOP and recieved $2RR

1 leg cramp pill $6.99/1
1 Tylenol pain patch $5/1 (wanted 2 but by this Monday Morning, they were all out 😛 )
used $5/1 MFC
2 Carefree pantyliners $1/1
2 EsterC products $6.99/1 – 20% = $5.59/2 (BOGO)
used 2 $3/1 mfc
1 Windchime 50% off $4.00 (treat for myself.  It had butterflies and it said, Family, Faith, Hope.  I couldnt resist it)
Subtotal- $23.58
used $3/$15 survey coupon and $5.88 in Up rewards I have ($18 in UP being mailed to me since NONE of my up rewards would print last week. GASP!)
Paid OOP- $1.58 + tax

Earned $6UP from Leg cramp.

Possible Transaction 2: if they get the stuff in time-
1 Breath Right Nasal Strips $3.99/1 (again all out :P)
– $5.99 free coupon (reportedly, this is taking off the full $5.99 and not $3.99 so be sure to have something to soak up overage)
2 Finese Products BOGO $3.99/1
– $2 MFC 5/8 SS
-$2 MIR 5/8SS

EOS Organic Lip Balm $2.99/1

Tylenol Heat Patch $5/1
(NOTE:  If RA is all out, price match with WALMART to still get a free product!)
– $5/1 MFC

Use $3/$15 survey coupon
Pay $0 OOP and get $2SCR from EOS and $2MIR from Finese
Like making $4!

Ok thats it for me this week.  Kind of a dud I thought. 😛