Where has all the time gone?  Its been 10 days since I updated this last? YEESH!

I have done extra babysitting this week.  Cleaned up after having a yardsale with some friends on Friday (well, they had the yardsale, I just brought stuff over and brought home cash and the leftovers 😉  Dont worry, their revenge is coming when I do it next. bwahhhaaaa) Our garden has been planted (pics forthcoming)  AND I have been doing this absolutley amazing thing……………… wanna know what its called?!


Staying OFF the computer! Yeah, pretty cool and unheard of I know. 😉


We’ve been trying to work with new family “schedules” or “Time Budgets” as I recently learned a new way of calling it, but it also means I am “playing” around with time more.     On the other hand,  amazing stuff has been accomplished!   Hubby has even made a few comments.   WOO HOO! 😀

So this is a random entry to let you all know I am here, and alive  and love all my readers.   Hope to get on a blogging “schedule” here soon.

As for drugstore deals… I will post what I had planned to do this week, rather than what I did.  😛  Ok, I’ll post taht too.  BUt I did a huge coupon blooper. 😛