So, unintentionally I took a blog sabbatical.   Life is so hectic right now, I cant even seem to find my brain.

Over the weekend on our weekly trip to the Dr.  I took along some very simple and easy reading material.  I read Crystal Paine’s book, Time Management 101.  Free download for the time being here;

So a simple review on it;  I love this simple 63 page ebook.  It simplified a lot of my books and put it into a time-saving book.  Lets face it, if we are reading a book on time-management than the last we thing we don’t have is- time.  I was able to finish this book in 30 minutes or less.   I love all the resources she gave and even my husband has printed some of them to help with his time!

I didnt agree with everything, nor did I expect too.  But thats ok!  I still recommend reading this quick book and adapting it.  BUT the main thing is, Dont JUST read it.  Apply it!  What good is reading all these organizing/time managing/etc books if we dont apply it?!

I came home this weekend very depressed.  My home is a disaster.  There is just too much clutter and I cannot function right.  (Did I just say that aloud?)  So when I read the Ebook and then saw a favorite blogger of mine (Life and Mom) do a spring cleaning (spring decluttering) I am getting on the bandwagon!

So, thats where I’ll be much of this week.   I’ll be bravely posting before and after pictures… bear with me.


Also I’ll be doing drugstore scenarios tomorrow so stay tuned!