The Quotable G. K. Chesterton is a comprehensive, accessible survey of Chesterton’s greatest ideas and writings.

With more than 850 passages showcasing his brilliance and masterful writing style, it covers topics from Academia to Painting, Politics to Architecture, Jane Austen to John Bunyan, Jesus to Fairy Tales.

Fans and first-time readers of Chesterton will discover topics that dominated thought and life throughout the 20th century and have influenced our own time . . . all from the view of a man the New York Times hailed as a “brilliant English essayist” and who George Bernard Shaw called a “colossal genius.”

Chesterton created a bulwark in his own day to defend Christian faith and assert a Christian view throughout culture. As readers encounter the breadth of his genius, they will find compelling reasons to emulate his unceasing fight for truth and beauty.


I LOVE Chesterton.  He’s probably my most quoted man.  I love finding quotes and using them for my Facebook status.   Sharing with others the insight that these geniuses had.   So naturally when Booksneeze offered this book as one to review I jumped on it quicker than a fox.

I was NOT disappointed.  It actually exceeded my expectation and quite often I catch my husband perusing through the book for a quote to read aloud to all of us.

This definitely is a book you want to have on your shelf.  Its not possible for me to find all of Chesterton’s books and writings but with this handy little book I can find where he is quoted (ie. back of the book has all the quote references so I can look them up in the appropriate book(s)) and it is alphabetically organized.  So if I wanted something on Uniqueness I would go to the letter U.

So what am I saying?  Go buy the book!  Amazon has copies available as well as more wonderful reviews.  We all know how simple I am so if you want a more indepth review I would suggest going there.


Thank you Booksneeze for this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to reading more.  These thoughts are my own and I was not compensated for having my opinion published. 😉