When Cora Crowder finds herself needing a book for an uncle’s Christmas gift she heads into the Warner,Werner, Wizbotterdad book store. She has no idea that she will wind up on the receiving end of the stores matchmaking scheme to throw her and her boss Simon together.

This book shows a lot of potential.  A new author for me brought forth the fairy tales we loved so much as children, into adult fiction.   This is a fun little story not just for the holiday season but for all year around.  I loved the importance of family in here.

I probably wouldnt have picked this up on a store shelf and was pleased to have the opportunity to read it nonetheless from Waterbrook.

Its hard really for me to write a review on it.  Its not a book I though, “Wow, I want to read this again.”  But it wasnt a “Oh man, why did I read that book!” (And I’ve done a few of those lately).  I can totally see a few friends really really enjoying it, but it wasnt the book for me.  Its hard really to put my finger on what I didnt like about it.  I am not really into magic and whatnot.   The store can only be seen through the eyes of some but not all, and that kind of bothered me.  If it helps at all, I dont like Lord of the Rings (Narnia is an exception.  Dont ask me the logistics of that.).   I just could not feel pulled into the characters and the story.

Amazon has GREAT reviews on this book.  It may be worth looking into if heartwarming and inspiration and cute are your thing.  It really made me think of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Again, thank you Waterbrook for the opportunity to read these books. 🙂