So, for a while I’ll be at a CVS every week, so I thought I would try my hand at CVS couponing.  So I am totally new at this one so bare with me.

From the last two trips I’ve made, I have a $3.99 ECB and a $2ECB.  My goal right now is to not spend more than $5oop per week.  I want to try to drop that even but I’m learning and building my ECB’s so I’m cool.   This week I’m pretty excited though.

I signed up for CVS special deals on their site (cvs.com) and recieved a $4/$20 (limit one per card) coupon which I found really cool.

Transaction 1:
3 GF Chex cereal priced at 3/$10
using my .85/1 MFC from pssst.com (but there is also .75/1 mfc found on coupons.com- click the link on the left)
buy 4 Nivea Lip priced at 2.99
using 2 BOGO coupons from 2/6RP
using my two ECB’s I mentioned earlier brings the total too $3.44 (heck! I usually pay that for one cereal! sweet)
will recieve $4ECB from General Mills and $5ECB from Nivea
OH! Dont forget to scan your green card!  #2 for me. 🙂
(If I can, I’ll use the $3/$10 beauty coupon from the CVS scanner to make it .44 OOP)

Transaction 2:
buy 4 Quaker Oak instant oatmeal packs (kids love these as snacks. :)) 4/$10
use 4 $1/1 coupons (I have 2 from FEB ALL YOU (free sample and subscription) and I’ll use my 2 $1/1 from 1/2RP
1 Trident Gum .99
use my $5ECB
pay $1.99oop earn 2 $2ECB and 1 $.99ECB from Trident

So total oop will be- $5.43 and I’ll have $8.99ECB left