Its actually official now.  My blog is taking a 2-week break.  Yeah I know, its been longer but now I dont have to feel guilty about not getting to post. LOL.

We’re going on our first family vacation and giving me some time to get ready and to recuperate I am not gonna post for 2 weeks.

DO you want to know what I have been doing all this time?

Nope, not coupons!  The deals havent been so great in-my-humble-opinion so….

I have been……..





Here are some sample of my creations these past 2 weeks


Pajama’s for my darlin’ girlie.


An outfit that was for sale.

A “princess” dress for my Euphemia.


2 piece set that was also for sale.

A doll outfit for “Diana”.

Anyway, those are my favorite.


Ta ta for now!