Thanks to Book Sneeze, I get a lot of books to read and review!

I was very excited to receive this book from them.  I use to have the first two that I used as devotionals and this was perfect for the holiday season.  It not only has the songs from Christmas but Easter and all time favorites.

What I love most about this book is that along with the history of each hymn is also the hymnal  music so you can sing along.  One of the things I did notice though was that they do not do the complete all stanza’s which is kind of disappointing.  But its an excellent accompaniment book for your devotional.  I do recommend it.

Its hard to know with any book if they are using true history or hearsay.  I will honestly admit that a couple hymnal history in all three of his books had me scratching my head and wondering how accurate that was compared to what I knew of history.   But for the most part I believe this to be an excellent source for accuracy concerning the hymn writers and the hymns themselves.

Again, I would like to thank BookSneeze for their generosity in letting poor reviewers like me, pick apart their work and share my thoughts with you all.

This book is available through and if you can afford to, I would recommend this book as an addition to your library.  Another option is to check at your local library to see if you can get it through them.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


Link up still isnt working so you can find the book here