So last week on New YEar’s Eve (12/31) I realized that all these great coupons were expiring and I needed to get to Rite Aid that night.  Brilliant planning there.

This probably is my most pre coupon total yet.  $101.++ pre coupons and after coupons was $26.++ including $5 tax.

And of course I forgot my $20 GC from the holiday gift of savings. Blah!

I got back about $33 in Up Rewards.   Which we used to get a humidifier that we really needed for the children’s room.  So I am starting this new year with NO up rewards.  Looking forward to stocking up for the new year.  Woot!

I will also be taking at least a week blogging break in the coming weeks due to a trip we will be going on.  Just  letting you all know.


I will be posting this week’s scenarios hopefully tonight.