We are probably one of the very few that do not have any health/life insurance.  Why?  We simply chose not too.

Maybe people assume its because we cannot afford it, well, they are only partly right.   But an even greater decision is based on the fact that we just dont believe its a wise use of our money.

I am actually the great cost medically in our family.  In the three years we have been married I have been hospitalized and had oral surgery.   We paid cash out of pocket.   Its do-able without being in debt.  So to speak.  We arent talking $100’s here, no $1000’s is more like it.  While we did use the credit card both time to make the transaction, by the end of the month, we wrote a check in full for the credit card bill amount.    Mainly because we dont like the thought of carrying all that cash around from one place to another.    Through it all, we have never had to eat beans and rice either.

This year we have started the Dave Ramesy method.  Its easier to budget and plan ahead and be more prepared but even still, in the last 3 years, we have still not gone into debt.

So, how did we do it?
1.  I can count on one hand the number of times we went out to eat in the time we were married.  Mostly, I think it was for anniversary or my hubby thanking me for the Christmas shopping I do every year for our large families. LOL
2. We have never had television.  Never.  We have owned a tv set where we can watch videos/DVD’s but we have never had tv.
3.  Most of everything we buy is used.  I remember asking my mother if I was using my money wisely when I “splurged” on Lands End sale for my daughter’s winter clothes.  They came to about $8 each which is what you’ll find here in town for stuff at walmart but I was thinking, “ouch! I just spent $50 on winter dresses.”   I had worked and saved so I could buy those but it still felt hard to put so much out all at once.  That being said,  I think I am going to have to buy my daughter NEW shoes because I cannot find anything used lately.  Everyone is learning the value of second hand. LOL
4.  Walk when you can.   You can save so much gasoline money by walking that half mile to the store.   When the car broke for a couple of weeks, I walked.   Sometimes I would walk to my mother’s house to borrow her car but I didn’t go out as much.  I am pretty sure I save at least $100 in those weeks.  🙂

There are so much more methods,  this isnt a save where you can post but more of a put money aside for those times that you will need to go to the Dr and whatnot.   Oh, we haven’t done the yearly check up either.   The children are healthy.   If they have the sniffles, I make soup and give them some homeopathic medicine.  The Dr.  doesn’t need to tell me that my child is sick with a cold.  I can see that.  😉   This is not to say, dont ever take  your child to the Dr.    Let your common sense/instincts be your guide.  If the child is not breathing right, I would seriously recommend getting him/her in.

When I was in the hospital we had qualified for the patient care fund or something like that.  Private people had donated money towards a fund that could be used to help those that stayed there.   Since it was not government funded and privately donated, we accepted it.   It only covered the hospital stay costs but saved money that we could put towards the Dr. and ER payments.  They only allow you to have it once though. Just for the record. 🙂

When I had my wisdom teeth out, we were able to put half in cash, and the other on credit so that by the end of the month we could finish paying cash.   It was easy to cut the budget a lot, I couldn’t eat! But it was tight during that month and during the next couple so we could build up our savings again,  but the whole point is that we did it.  We didn’t go into debt, we didn’t apply for government help.  We earned every cent ourselves.  Someway, somehow.  I sold a lot of our stuff.   I’ll never forget that night I handed the reciept of the funds I put in the bank to my husband.  He was so proud that I was trying hard to help.

The moral of the story is that, God always provides, just have to put faith in HIM that He will never let His children go in hunger.

We make less than the average person.  If we can do it, a lot of you can! 🙂  Do we recommend no-insurance for everyone? Of course not!  Each family should make the decision with their spouse whether or not they wish to have insurance.


Please note:  This post is not to convince you one way or the other that insurance is good or bad.  However, this is a personal decision for our family and should be treated as such.  You can do large medical bills without insurance through trust, savings and a good douse of prayer. 🙂