Hopefully you all got the $2 comtrex coupon!  I didnt. 😦

I started out with $23.80 in RR (I did end up going to get some of the $8 RR deal last week after all when someone I knew needed some.   This week I spent a whopping $6.++ oop and have $22RR left. 🙂

I bought the following:
NB diapers (NO! This is not an annoucement ;)) I need em for a baby shower this weekend.  I take the diapers and write funny sayings on the back.
2 toothpastes
2 Comtrex
4 bags of Candy corn that I lovingly gave to my mother. 🙂

Here’s what I did,

Transaction 1:
1 package of diapers $7.99
used $2.50/1 from mailer but you can find one here
1 toothpaste $3.49
– $1/1 MFC found in 10/10 SS
used $8RR from last week
.98oop + tax
recieved $3.50RR and $1RR

Transaction 2:
1 comtrex $6
(Use $2 MFC if you have it)
1 toothpaste $3.49
-$1/1 MFC
2 bags of Candy Corn 2/$3
used 3 $3.60RR from last week
.69oop + tax
recieved $6RR, $3.50RR and $1RR for the candy corn

Transaction 3:
Comtrex $6
and candy corn 2/$3
used $8RR from last week
oop $1.00 + tax
Recieved $6RR and $1RR

Total oop this week $2.67 with $22RR remaining.

I will probably try to do one more
Transaction 4:
2 3-in-1 Purex 2/$8 (get $1RR)
– 2 $3/1 coupons
Filler item .08
$1RR used
recieve $1RR back