Last night I had this brilliant idea to finish painting my kids bedroom.  Yeah, remember? I was doing that how many months ago?  Back in May?  😛  Life sure likes to run away from you.

Anyway, so I went out picked up some of the necessary items (masking tape, outlet covers, etc) and realized I didnt pull anything out for dinner.   I have nothing in the freezer.  Since Albertsons is next to Walmart I figured I’d grab some Tostadas, salad and chips.   Salad bag was priced at $2.50  The rolled up meat was $7 for a box of 25 and chips were $1.50.   $11 for a meal.    That doesnt quite fit our budget.  I had the money with me do it with but went look around instead.  Progresso soup was on sale for $1.  Grabbed 2 cans.  Grabbed some chips.  Had some sour cream at home that we needed to use up,  I also grabbed a bunch of cilantro.   Dinner cost less than $5.  I did Chicken tortilla soup.  Crush chips at the bottom. Add your hot soup with a dollop of sour cream and some finely chopped fresh cilantro.   It was a hit!  And there were no leftovers. 😉

So I saved us $7.  Wow. Big deal?   Nope.  I just made at least another meal out of my savings!  If it kept going that way, can you imagine what we could save in a lifetime?