I am having to basically start from scratch once again because I kind of fell off the bandwagon.

Tia’s Saving Cents has some excellent transactions.  And don’t forget Keeping the Kingdom First.

I have 2-$2RR and 1 $4RR

Transaction 1:
1 W1isk Laundry soap $6.99
-$3/1 Coupon found in RP 8/29
1 St. Ives Body Wash $2.99
There was a $1/1 coupon on FB but I didnt get it.
1 Comet cleaner .50 w/ in ad coupon
Total before RR- $7.48
pay with 1 $2RR and 1 $4RR and pay
$1.48+ tax oop
receive $4RR from St Ives and Wisk.

Transaction 2:
3 John Frieda Shampoo/condition 3/$15
– 3   $3/1 = $9mfc
2 comet cleaner $1
1 dozen Eggs $1.49
Total before RR- $7.49+ tax
use $6RR ($2 from last week and $4 from transaction 1)

$1.49 OOP + tax recieve $5RR

Transaction 3:
I wanted to work in another Wisk but the OOP is too much for me this week (above $5OOP challenge) but its still a good deal if you break it down to OOP cost)
**Wisk $6.99
-$3/1 coupon **
1 carmex lotion $4.99
1 comet cleaner .50
Use $5RR
.49 oop recieve $4RR
or if you did the wisk idea $3.98 oop (after $5RR and no comet)
recieve $4RR and $2RR

😀 Happy shopping!  Hopefully I can get my whole list this week.

So, if everything goes according to plan (ha ha) I will have spent- $3.46 and still have $4RR remaining… or maybe if I do the Wisk transaction will have spent- $6.93 and have $6RR remaining. 🙂