Ok, so this is my first Vlog.  Yeah, I was terribly nervous here.   Last thing I have any business doing is giving advice on time management… or anything for that matter.    But I am learning and I hope to share with others that are also learning.  Please bare with me.  I know I am suppose to act all confident and wonderful but, I am just me.  Shy lil ole’ me.

Ok, so if that video didnt help you at all but confused you even more… yeah, thats me! LOL! Here were my basic tips
Prioritize- for me this looked like

Time with God
Time for Family
Housekeeping for my home
Housekeeping for other homes
etc  etc etc.    No matter what you have, just take an hour or so out of your day to make it possible.

Here are some links I mentioned:
Starting to put time into your business

Dave Ramsey