I am saying madness because it feels like I am trying to be wonder-woman or something. 😛  You know those days.  😉

I dont have children old enough to start school with but just the same, mondays tend to be my most hectic day.  Daddy is back to work and more activities are needed to keep the children occupied… cause they really miss Daddy!

We did some basic Walgreens shopping using 1 of my $10RR from last week.
I spent $2.86 including tax OOP for all and got back $3RR (should have gotten one for the Bio-true but it didnt print :P)

Progresso 4/$5  no coupons used
BIC  .79 w/ in ad coupon + $1/2 coupon = .29 each
Bio-true (rang up sale-)$2 – $1/1 coupon from??
Dial body wash- $3.99 – $1/1 coupon
1 Walgreens tape .99 w/ in ad coupon
2 Kotex U 2/$7 – $2 WAGS coupon from AUG booklet
– $1/1x 2 coupons
I recieved $3RR back.  So I actually made a little on this trip.  Heck! I am thrilled about the soups that I really didnt pay for! YES!

I have a little extra this month from selling stuff, so I went to get some seeds to start a fall garden.  I am hoping it will do much better this time than our spring garden. 😛

Seeds $1×7 = $7
4 Post-it Notes $1 – $1/1 coupon
2 village somethingoranother  item- $.98 – $1/1 coupon  (I found this deal at moneysavingmom.com so check there!)
mechanical pencils (needed!) $2.57 😛
so I spent about $10 and some change w/ tax
Got free post its and the fizzy tub colors that will go in my Christmas boxes! 😀

And whilst we were out and about (walking mind you)  I found this pool in the recycling bin behind a store!  I was so thrilled.  I dont know if its even been used.   We’ve been wanting a slightly larger pool for the children but really didnt have an extra $15 to put out for one.   Isnt amazing how God really cares for our tiniest wishes?