I recieved this book to read and write a review for.  These are my personal opinions. 

I had heard so much about Do Hard Thing by the Harris boys and wondered if this book would be along the same lines.    In a way I guess it is.   It is a call to guys (teens?) to wake up and take responsibility and act like a man.   

It is written in the form of a guide book so to speak.  It has personal quiz’s, tidbits, instruction, etc etc etc.   All in all, this was an encouraging book to read and I would totally give it to my son. 

The drawback, what I didnt like so much persay, was the constant sarcasm (not really the right word).   It was very much written in a guy’s language.  Teen.   Not really a mature conversation so to speak.  And taht is probably what will draw your son/self/ nephew/friend/etc etc etc.  

The best way I can described is to actually take a small section out of the book-
“Its right there on the cover, so it must be true; this book tell you How to Become a Man in 224 Pages or Less.  Yes, friend, the road to manhood is an easy one………. Right?  Riiiiiiiight.  To tell the truth, the clever little subtitle- which I think is ingenious, by the way, if I do say so myself- is just a bit of shamless marketing”.  

See there is nothing really wrong but its throughout the book that kind of language and it tends to get a bit much for me.  🙂 Treat me like an adult and I will behave like one.   BUt I know that is not the same for everyone. 

So as Paul says, “Judge for yourself….”

I know this really doesnt tell you too much about the book persay.  It really is one of those books that you just have to sit down and read.  Digest and spit out the bones.  Its a How-To- book for guys.  Its kind of hard for a woman to write a worthy review of the book. 🙂  But, as a mom, it was enlightening and I can definetly see my son reading this someday.