Wow!  *thud*

So I am still working on my own personal story but the jist of it is,  a friend talked me into getting one.  I had heard all the raves about it but was still sceptic.  I mean, who wants another thing to keep clean, find room for, yada yada yada. 

When it came, I admit, I was giddy with excitement over a new toy… but didnt expect my enthusiasm to last.  I didnt expect my hubby to be thrilled either.

I plugged it in and put my first bar in.  Within minutes my room glowed and smelled wonderful like a lit candle…without the fire hazard.   I knew I had made a friend… for life.

I have always been a candle freak, if you will.   I LOVE adore candles.  I love the soft glow, I love the light smells, I love the atmosphere they give.  I have not had to give that up with Scentsy… in fact, its almost increased!

Scentsy is dedicated to making customers happy, and that is my goal too. 

Click the above picture to see my official website. 😀