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One of the best frugal tips ever is using what you have.   Same goes for food.  BTW- did you know you can freeze milk?  Whoda thought…

This past week I actually had to throw some food away because I forgot it.  Its always veggies in my house.  Cabbage is a big one.   No pun intended.   I love making spring rolls but its very time consuming.  So when I have cabbage on hand, I plan to do that but quite often never get the change to do so… and then it gets really rotten.

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While we do eat leftovers almost daily somtimes there is just one meal that isnt anyones favorite and it stays in there until its beyond eating.

Well, you get the idea…  Eat leftovers!  Eats what in your fridge.  Take stock weekly if need be.  See what should and needs to be eaten

Bon’ Appetit!