3 Dentyne Gum 3/.99
used 1 Dentyne gum coupon (if you can use three please do.  The cashier today wouldnt let me. )
Wags Monthly coupon = $1 MM ( or $3 if allowed 3 coupons)
1 Command hanging $1.50
used $1/1 printable
2 Pilot pens .99/1
used 2 $1/1 coupons
3 ajax 3/$1 w/ in ad coupon
5 crackers (Cheez-its that was purchased went to my sister cause I ❤ her. ;)) $5
Used $4RR (Remember to check the expiration dates!)
oop paid w/ tax (which was about $2ish) $2.86
Recieved $2RR
I still have 2 $3.50RR and 2 $3RR remaining but they havent expired yet.

Yes, the GF family bought crackers.   I have them tucked away for birthday gifts for family and friends. 🙂 

100_8608.jpg picture by CNeipp