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I was recently teaching a friend how to coupon shop.   Last during the week I saw her trying to figure out what to buy so she could use her $5/$30 coupon. 

I asked her, “Are you getting stuff you can use?”
“Well, maybe someday”. 

I have fallen into that trap so often and since I am still learning about trying to stay away from it, I thought I’d share what I have learned. 

I dont do the Albertsons Deals anymore, wher eyou spend so much and get so much back.  Why? Because most of that stuff I cant even use.  Yes, its $5 back but I’d have so much wheat stuff that we couldnt even eat.

I will however BE doing the coupon deal my friend was wanting to do.  I’ll be joining three households purchases in one transaction so we can use that coupon.   My mother, myself and now my friend will put our purchases together to save even a few more dollars. 🙂

 Hoped this gave you a few tips. 😉