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1. The Railway Children.  There are 2 version but being partial to Foyle… I tend to lean towards the newer one.

2.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Always a family favorite.

3. Anne of Green Gables  the third one is ok.  Nothing bad but first two are the best.

4. The Christmas Card Hallmark movie.  Cant think of anything objectionable.

5. Saving Sarah Cain  based off of beloved Amish author Beverly Lewis.  Cant think of anything objectionable. 

6. What the Deaf Man HEard only objection is the mother is killed by a pervert.  You never see ANYTHING except him pulling her away and then her hand later on in the dirt.  

7. Hidden Places. 

8. Martin Luther- 2003 is the best version I think.  Slight objection would be he and Kitty in the bedroom but they dont show beyond nightclothes.

9.  A Man for All Seasons  especially good for schooling. 🙂  Bit of history

10. Madeline 1998 this is NOT a cartoon version.   There is a breif word in there but it took until I was an adult to understand what he said.  I always assumed it was “dumb” (french accents are wonderful sometimes)