Hello!  Its been a hectic month.  

As always, if you want the best Rite Aid deals, check out Erin’s blog (her button is on the side!)

I had about 7 different Rite Aid transactions this week.  Most of the time I went into tax money and I always make it a priority to full foot the tax bill.  So chocolate helped me there. 😀

Rite Aid Total OOP spent- 11.25 including tax (which was approx $2 a transaction. Rounded to the nearest dollar)
Will recieve $28 in rebates for a +$16.25!  Just for this week.

100_8409.jpg picture by CNeipp

  At Walgreens I went all out to stockpile my RR.  We are VERY limited on the items we have.  Each week I go in for the neutrogena deal but as soon as they come in someone goes down and gets them all.  So this is kind of a reminder to please make sure you save enough for someone else to get the deal.   The poor cashier had people wanting the deal but she couldnt do anything about it. 

I went in on Saturday to stock up on the Renu RR deal.  They had just gotten a batch and had a LOT in.  Woot.  So I didnt feel to bad about buying 3 more.  (I had already gotten one on Monday)
100_8408.jpg picture by CNeipp

Walgreens OOP – $8.00 (rounded included tax) Oh and I sent my MIL home with some of the Herbal Essence shampoo I bought.
I have $19.00 in RR for next week.  Tax averaged $1-$1.50 a transaction.  I had about 4 transactions.  The little art items were my filler (and the eggs) they were on sale for about .30 each.  😀

100_8399.jpg image by CNeipp

Our local Stater Bros has a clearance cart and they had Gillette Fusion razors on sale for $3.50 I had ONE more $4/1 coupon left.  The Nut-ri-tion nuts were on sale for $1.50 used $1/2 coupon.   I am not kidding.  They had a cart FULL of this stuff.  I went in, realized I didnt bring my coupon binder.  Went home and came back maybe in 20minutes and barely found the two and the razor.   Spent $2.35.  No overage allowed on the razor.  And she didnt want me to use a coupon on it because it was discounted.  Sigh.  I really dislike using coupons at Staters.  

This was a fun trip.  I saw that a lot of my FREE coupons were expiring on 6/30 so I just decided to use all the ones I have been saving. 

Before coupons at Albertsons this came too $41.13 (GASP! Can you believe that?)
After all my free coupons (sometimes the “exceed” amount was lower than the actual price and I had to make up the difference) my total OOP was- $1.89

100_8398.jpg picture by CNeipp

3 items we wont be able to eat.  The Pizza, The Mac and Cheese and teh Koolaid (personal preference,  I dont need to add dental bills to my budget) I have kept the crackers for my own personal use for a snack for teh car trips when I do shopping.   I am actually going to save the Mac and Cheese for a mother that just had a baby.  I think it’ll be a nice lunch that she can just reheat and that her children will actually like. LOL.   Pizza I think I will give to my hardworking sister for a quick lunch for work.  But seriously, look at all that yummy free food.  I wish I could do this weekly! LOL.

So there you have it.

I’ll be starting up my $100 monthly challenge again.  I bought papers today and some salad.  Total for 4 papers and 2 bags of salad came too $9.48 

Spent- $9.48
Left $90.52
Rebates earned- $0
RR left- $19
Albertsons $2 off purchase
Up rewards- $6