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My husband and I decided to challenge ourselves.   I am to get rid of one item in our house every day.  He has to get rid of 1 paper item every day and one item every weekend day.  365 items a year. :O   Do we really have that much… stuff! 😛   Above are extra dishes I never use.  They take up cabinet space.  I’m constantly “ARRRRRRRRRG” when I need to pull my casserole dish out… so into a pile they went.  There is also an extra pie dish and silver pitcher.  I remind myself that they are easily 25c at the thrift store should we ever desperatly need em again. 

Now, you are probably rolling your eyes at this silly entry for a blog post… but its something to think about.  Could you easily get rid of one item each day?   I got rid of an extra 7 items this afternoon while folding laundry.

Too small. 
Its beenin the wash 5 times and only worn 2 seconds
Stained beyond decent
Never stays on right
Etc etc etc

So… do you have “stuff” lurking???

Money Saving Mom has an excellent post on Clearing out the clutter.


Am I the only one that dreams of having a clutter free house like that?