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Rite Aid- 6 transactions. $22OOP (someone forgot their gift card 😛 + My UpRewards didnt print out today.  Yesterday it did for one transaction. Weird.  I saw Coupon Teacher had the same problem. 😦  So that also messed up my scenarios by $7 )

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Will recieve $30 back in  rebates and Gift Cards.

Walgreens- $5.22 OOP  $5RR to start next week with.

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Albertson’s Double Coupon Event.  3 Transaction later.  .98OOP for gum (that actually, I never got home with it, oops) because I had a negative balance.

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 Earlier during the week I went to Albertsons again to get these chips for .75 a bag.  Cheapest I have ever seen w/ $1.50/2 Mission Coupon.   The Kraft Dressing is the only kind we use  and after coupons they were $5 for all 6 + I got a $3Catalina for my next purchase.  😀

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