I LOVE fiction.  I love how even the difficult times they face, we all know it will be alright in the end.  The hero rescues the heroine.   Good triumphs over evil.  Love sparks,  God’s Will is let forth, and we all grow in Christ.  Life is too full of mysteries for us to predict.

I grew up reading fiction.  I have favorite authors, I have favorite books, but more and more I am finding it hard to just find a good book to read without pondering too much afterwards if I should have read that, or if I even enjoyed it.   Most of my suggestions you will probably have read already but if not, your in a for a treat.

I shall repeat myself, I love fiction.  It is my one weakness.   Mystery, “romance”, chick flick, humerous, anything but sci-fi and biblical historical fiction. 

Denise Hunter-  I recently reading most of this author’s books.   Seaside Letters being the latest one.  I really really enjoyed them.  Everything I love but with a bit of twist to it all.  Predictable, lovable, romantic, but engaging.   I did not want her stories to end.    Some titles include:  The Nantucket Series;  A Convienent Groom,  Surrender Bay, and Seaside Letters.   I also finished a book called, SweetWater Gap and Kansas Brides that was good/intriguing. 
So Check her out!

A lifelong favorite has been Lori Wick.  I have to admit that a lot of her latest ones havent grabbed me as much.  But I still have a lot of favorites that I would love to share with you. 
Sophie’s Heart (beautiful story.  Read at 13+ )
The Princess (not recommended for ages 18 and under)
Pretense (hard to read but so inspiring, not recommended for ages 18 and under)
To Know her By Name (Part of a series but this one is my favorite Read at 13+)
Just to name a few.  These will forever be on my bookshelf.
More list of her books here… and no I havent been able to read them all yet. 😉

Grace Livingston Hill’s- Found Treasure… yes, Euphemia was named after this heroine in this book.   It is a must read for every woman. 

Kim Vogel Sawyer-  I think I have all of her books.  I have really really enjoyed her latest book- A Hopeful Heart.   Right now I am “into”  Mail-order Bride series.  Last time it was Amish now I am drawn more to this type of books.  Kim did not dissapoint… does she ever? 😉  It was a hard book to put down but I did finish it and enjoy every chapter. 
More about her books here.

Julie Klassen is a new author to me, and her books are very very well written.  I feel like I am reading a modern day Jane Austen.  Her first book- Lady of Milkweed Manor was slightly more risque than I am use to purchasing but I was ever so pleasantly surprised.  It was so well done and so clean.  Check out all three of her books here.  A good recommended series.

Julie Lessman–  I have to admit,  I go back and forth on her books.  I really enjoy the story, but the passion was a bit too much for me.  I wrote the author and said that it was really hard for me as a Christian and a woman to read so much.   The author was quick to respond (+) and assured me that her intention is never to make anyone feel uncomfortable but that for those that are use to reading bodice-ripping stories that this is a much better approach to reading that kind of thing and gaining a Christian perspective and reading.   Having accidently read a bodice-ripping story (dont ask) I do have to admit that this was a more toned down book but I am just too much a prude and will probably skim over those sections.  Please Note- NEVER in the book is there any sexual content,  more sensual than anything.   I enjoyed reading the characters struggle to do what is right when their flesh desires something else.  I do recommend reading these books,  with caution however.   For some it will brush right off their shoulders I know.  🙂  However, I do want to advice some discretion.   You will see more in TV than you read in her books.   And I cant wait for the fourth to come out. 😀   Check out more about her here.   Read her From the Heart page here.   

That’s it for today.  It should keep you busy for a while. 😉