Hi ya’all.  I’ll probably be spending more OOP this week since I am starting this week with $0RR and they have the Huggies deal.  
Check out Keeping the Kingdom First and Tia’s Saving Cents for more ideas.

Transaction 1:
Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
Use $1All you coupon OR .75/1 coupon here.  
oop- $2.24+ tax
Recieve $2RR

Transaction 2:
Ouchless Goody Hair Accessory $2.99
Use $2RR
$1.24 w/ tax oop
Recieve $3RR

Transaction 3:
Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean- $7.99
1 Hunts tomato sauce .25
– $5/1 coupon
– $3RR coupon
.24+ tax oop-
Recieve $2RR

Transaction 4:
Repeat transaction 2.  Yes, I want to stock up on these. 🙂
1 Carefree pantiliners .99
-$1/1 coupon
pay tax oop.

Stop here for $5 challenge.  $4.47oop

Transaction 5:
Muscle Man Iron Rub on $5.99
Use $1/1 coupon (Must register to win)
1 Hunts tomato sauce .25
Use $3RR
oop $1.99
Recieve $5RR

Transaction 6:
4 Dove deodrant $16/4 (2/$8)
– 4 $2/1 coupon (I have access to more than one computer)
1 Mushroom .50
Use $5RR
pay $3.50 oop Recieve $5RR

Transaction 7:
1 Complete Multipurpose Solution $7.99/1
– $2 coupon
1 can of mushroom .50
– $5RR
$1.49+ tax oop
Recieve $8RR

Transaction 8:
2 Huggies Diapers $18/2
-2 $3/1 coupon
$4 oop recive $3RR

Now, I want to explain, it seems like a lot of building up of transaction just for the huggies.  Your probably thinking, “Yeah, with all that stuff she doesnt need she could have just paid a bit more for the huggies”.  This is true if I didnt want some of the items.  The Dove Deodrant is something my husband and I both love.  Yes, he likes the Dove deodrant best.   Its so cute.  So between the both of us we tend to use a lot of that. Also, the Contact Solution,  I have 2 dear friends taht re-emburse my OOP cost.  So, I am able to help them and they get the good deal.  The Muscle Man is probably my “ehhh” purchase but I am thinking it of a $1.99 to get an $8RR so its worth it for me in that respect.   So when you plan your transaction, think if its really worth the oop cost. 

Total for me today is: $14.70- $1.49 = $13.21

I kind of wanted to keep this week at $10 so I may do some recalculated and reconstructing some things.   Regardless, I have my $35 VISA Gift card from P&G (finally!)  so I’ll not be paying cash oop so I am hoping to use this card for both Rite Aid and Walgreens this week.  THis is the last week for Rite Aid rebates and I have a few to finish up here. 🙂