Since I missed last week.  And this week I have to be somewhere.  I am doing a double post.

A couple weeks ago when my friend and I were having a yardsale.  I noticed she had a new in package drape. I say drape because there was only one peice.  She had bought it, hoping to turn it into a jumper for her daughter but as it would happen she couldnt do it so she stuck it back in the yardsale for $2.  I saw it, thought it was nice and cheerful so I bought it.  $2 remember.  (it still had the price tag from JC Penny- $30+ for 1 drape!)

Now, I hung it in the bathroom.  It was to the floor and then some.  So I measured what I wanted it to be.  Cut it in half.  Sewed a hem, added a casing and voila.  2 peices for a curtin and even enough for ties. 😀

I couldnt get a good picture but I hope you get the idea.  What ways can you think of to save money?

100_8218.jpg picture by CNeipp

100_8215.jpg picture by CNeipp