If movies were hard to find 10 years ago, I bet its even worse today.  So I thought I’d share some of our favorites.  This is by no means an exhaustive list;  You can find more about the movie at imdb.com

1. Foyle’ War  set backs- There is blood, they are detective movies set during WW2.  Sometimes you do see a couple sleeping together but so far I havent seen anything beyond that, that I can think of.  An occasional “cuss” word comes out.

2. Pollyanna- Old and newer version.  Good clean for everyone.  Still partial to the one with Haley Mills

 3. Jane Austen- the newer Sense and Sensibility, the opening scene I would not recommend for children.  I was kind of leary when I first saw it.   The 1999 version of Mansfield park is HORRIBLE.  Northanger Abbey is kind of confusing for some, but Jane AUsten wrote it as a mockery of people like the Bronte Sisters.

4. Tenant of Wildfell Hall- beautiful story however there is spousal abuse

5. Sgt York with Gary Cooper (good all around)

6. Elizabeth Gaskell movies (EXCELLENT!)
Wives and Daughters
North and South
Cranford- Return to Cranford

7. Larkrise to Candleford

8. Victoria and Albert A&E version, there is a bedroom scene when the boy is running through the castle to skip.  When I was unmarried I wasnt allowed to hear the conversation between Victoria and her handmaid about the marriage night but when I was married, I couldnt see anything objectionable, all Victoria does is ask about it and the handmaid says, “I was advised to let the man take charge” that’s all I can recall (paraphrased)

9. Little Women Older version with Elizabeth Taylor and the newest one

10. The Pursuit of Hapyness- does have a husband and wife divorce situation.  Touching story.  Some cuss words.