I havent really been doing too much Rite Aid shopping since its kind of a pain everytime I go in there.   I found a worker that is coupon friendly and trusts my scenario coupon shopping as being in accordance with Corp. Rite Aid policy but I am still careful since I’d hate to get him fired.   Right now, everyone else only allows three coupons per transaction, 1 manu. 1 ra, and 1 wellness.  Which means you can only buy 2-3 items per day. 😛  Its been fun. 

Check Erin’s scenarios out too for more great ideas!

Transaction 1:
1 band-aid $1.99
1 Colgate Clinical toothpaste $2.99
Huggies Diapers $8.99
Almay Pure Blend mascarra $6.99
Subtotal $20.96
$5/$20 Adperks coupon
.50 Bandaid coupon
$1/1 Bandaid wellness coupon
$1/1 Colgate in ad coupon
$1/1 Colgate Clinical Pro Coupon (insert)
$2/1 in ad almay coupon
$1/1 Almay coupon
I have a free voucher for Huggies so I’ll be using that -$8.99
Or- use $3/1 coupon here

My oop cost -.47+tax (without free voucher= $6.46oop )
$1 rebate on Almay = +.53 – tax (-$5.46 cost)

If you dont have a free voucher- Erin has a better scenario 🙂

transaction 2:
Foster Grant sunglass $6.99/1 (- the $10 advertised sale)
2 Huggies Wipes $5/2
Oral B toothbrush $2.79
Bandaid $1.99
Mitchum Deodrant $2.99
1 3Muskateers coupon (noticed that our mint ones were clearanced last week for .40 )
Subtotal $20.16
– $5/$20 adperks coupon
$5 Foster Sunglasses coupon from adperks
– $2/2 Huggies Wipes coupon
-$2 oral B coupon
– $.50 bandaid coupon
-$1/1 wellness coupon
$1/1 Mitchum deodrant (printable?)
-.25 muskateer coupon
total oop- $3.41+ tax
Recieve $2 Foster Grant sunglass rebate
Recieve $1 mitchum rebate
Cost $.41  -tax

Transaction 3:
Huggies Pull up $8.99/1
2 Reach Toothbrush $2.99/1
1 bandaid $1.99
3muskateers mint .40/1
Subtotal- $20.35
-$5/$20 adperks
-$8.99 pullups free voucher
Reach in ad coupon $1/1 (will only accept 1)
BOGO Reach coupon $2.99/1
$1/1 wellness bandaid coupon
.50/1 bandaid coupon
Cost- .62 + tax
No rebates but I have 2 huggies towards my buy 5 get 1 free rebate.

Transaction 4:
Foster grant sunglasses $6.99 (-$10 sale price)
Huggies Diapers $8.99
Bandaid $1.99/1
Oral B toothbrush- $2.79
– $5/$20 adperks coupon
-$5 Foster Grant coupon
– $3/1 Huggies coupon
– $1/1 wellness coupon
-$.50 bandaid coupon
-$2/1 Oral B coupon
= $4.26 oop
Recieve $2rebate on the sunglasses (allowed 2 rebates)
= cost $2.76
3 diapers towards my rebate.

Now, here is the wonderful thing.  We transfered hubby’s medical prescription to Rite Aid and got the $25 gift card! 😀

So, All this I will be paying from that.  No cash oop.  YES!

Now, how did I earn the huggies free coupons?   I have been saving for months, to “buy” em.
Huggies Enjoy the Ride program
(please send me an email at c.neipp@gmail.com if you would like to join so I can earn points for referring you. :D)
Coupon codes to get you started:

Each package has a code;  I put them in and I “bought” one.  I had just a few points left over so I played the game (after 100’s of times trying) and I actually won a Huggies voucher! So I now have 2 coupons waiting for me.  Woot!  I have been saving them for a good deal.  I am down to my last package of diapers and pullups so this is a God-send. 😀