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This is a very simple post.   Probably most of you do this and more… but sometimes refreshing our memory gives us even more ideas.  I hope this post can benefit some of you.

I like button up shirts on boys.  I jsut think they are so adorable.  But those kind of shirts are
A) Hard to come by in my town, second hand
B) “expensive”.

(I use expensive in quotation marks because I’m using to paying less than half for a used tshirt than I am for a button up shirt. )

What you see above are shirts I picked up over the winter/spring for about $2.25 each except for the white shirt which I bought new this last winter for Steph, it cost be $12.  Gasp.  I know, I was trying not to choke as I counted my dollars.  But I had been searching and got down to just having to buy one.  Sad but true.

This spring is no different.  WHite shirts are just really hard to find second hand.   I was NOT about to spend another $12-$15 for a shirt that isnt even name brand.  😛 

It took me about 10 minutes to cut the sleeves off and hem em.  I saved us about $20 doing that.  $20 for 10 minutes.  Can I do that for aliving? 😉  So that is my frugal tip for this week.

If you dont sew, do you know someone that can?  I’ve exchanged “gifts” hemming for other people.  A friend needed a pair of pants hemmed,  She made me a meal in exchange.   Can you work out a simular bargain?  

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