100_7938.jpg picture by CNeipp

I actually have 3 weeks done but I am behind on getting them posted.  Today we’re doing the Pollyanna style.

Bows are fabulous.  YOu can have a bald child and still stick a bow on her and be cute as a bug.  😀 I love bows.

Ok, here is my sideways picture of the pollyanna style (forgive this tired mom for not fixing the picture right now)

100_7940.jpg picture by CNeipp

So here is what I did with Emma.  Bad lighting on these pictures.

Brush the hair, and then try to get a nice straight line going behind the hair..

100_7942.jpg picture by CNeipp

Stick a ponytail-holder in it.   Snap a bow in.  Voila. Easy peasy!

100_7943.jpg picture by CNeipp