This week I am starting out with a $5RR and a $2RR.  

I have already done my shopping and spent more out of pocket since I was not allowed two coupons, which is something new they are doing.  They are not allowing a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale.  And I cant use 2 Manufactor coupons with a BOGO sale anymore.  So it mess my OOP by $8.   Oh well.  But I had a pleasant talk with the manager and it was a MUCH better experiance than I have ever had with Rite Aid’s manager.

100_8114.jpg image by CNeipp

Buy Schick Razor $7.99 – $5 Coupon
2 Nature’s Bounty Vitamins – $10.99/1 – $5/1 coupon (or if your store allows 2 $5/1 coupons) 
Tuff paper towels w/ in ad coupon .59
1 Geisha pineapple .89 (this was bought with the intention of keeping my OOP cost from being -$)
1 ENO Shave Gel- $2.99
Soft Scrub $4.49 BOGO (BOGO coupon if your store allows)
– $7RR
= w/ tax $12.22
Recieved $10 in RR back.    So not two shabby for a BIG bottle of Flaxseed (on sale btw)