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Its our anniversary.   Yep, one week after my 18th birthday, I married the most wonderful man a woman could ask for.   Now four years later I celebrate the time we shared together.

I really wanted to do something very special for hubby for his anniversary.  But money is really tight right now.  Most of what I could come up with he didnt need/want/etc.   In our life we are trying to declutter.  So with some help of some creative minds I put together a romantic evening.  

I took pictures but they did not turn out so well… probably just as well. LOL.  I took the children over to my in-laws for the evening.  (If you dont have family in town, maybe you have a family that will babysit for the night and you can return the favor).  My in-laws think they got the greatest gift having those children over.  🙂

I turned our home into what looked like a hotel.  There was candles lit everywhere.  I hung fabric I had to make a bed with canopy curtains (tacs work so well with this, just sayin’ ) I dressed in hubby’s favorite outfit, a nice old fashion prairie dress. 🙂  I made a 3 course dinner.  Bought a London Broil for the crockpot with some onions, worcester sauce, 1/4 stick of butter (3-4TBSP) and let that cook for about 5ish hours.   I made, potatoes and carrots.   A HUGE green salad (We love our salads!) and a GF Chocolate Mousse Pudding (the pie part didnt turn out) and btw, that was pretty SWEET! Hubby kind of skipped that part. LOL.  I had verses from Song Of Solomon all over the room.  Each pertainting to what we were having in a way-  For example, in hubby’s wine glass there was “For your love is better than wine”.  Etc etc etc.  You get the idea. 

Soft classical music played in the background.  Everything was just relaxing.  And hubby enjoyed it. 🙂

Using what I had on hand, Free.
Dinner cost about $20 which was pretty wonderful since  a meal out would have cost atleast that much for one person.  And, my wonderful hubby said during the meal,
“this is so much better than you can get at a resturant”.   Now you know why I married him. 😉

God has blessed our marriage so much.  We’ve had times where He has refined us.  We are learning that in a marriage, it truly is 2 people united into 1.  That means that you really cant live on selfishness and expect a fruitful marriage.  Unfortunetly, we learn this always the hard way. 🙂

AFter the meal, hubby brought out our little peice of paper where we had written our vows on.  We recited them again.  Begged forgiveness for our shortness and failings and asked God to renew in us a marriage commited to Him.  

It was a beautiful day…